What is Web 5 | Jack Dorsey Former Twitter CEO and his Web 5

What is Web 5 | Jack Dorsey Former Twitter CEO and his Web 5

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Next Generation Web: Web 5 

Web 5 has been announced on Twitter by the former CEO of Twitter. So the curiosity to understand web 5 has increased within us. Before knowing this, there is also a concept of Web 3.


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We all use the internet and we know web 1, web 2 and web 3. If you still don’t know what web 1, web 2 and web 3 are, read this article.


Today, as technology advances, so does the Internet, and many people make the greatest contribution to making the Internet safer and more secure.


When we use the Internet today, there is a high chance that many companies will misappropriate and mishandle your personal data.


Web 5 will prove the best user experience by giving you full ownership of your data and identity over the Internet. The web will definitely make you safer and more secure on the internet.


In this article, we will explain to you what web 5 is and how does web 5 works. So let’s go…


What is Web 5?


Web 5 is a combination of Web 2 and Web 3, coinned by the former CEO of Twitter. This will be based on Blockchain Technology.


It will provide users with data security and ownership. So your personal data will not be handed over to third parties.


Block Head (TBH) is the Bitcoin business arm of Dorsey that develops the Web 5. In this type of network, your identity and data will be stored in an application-specific decentralized ledger.


Although web 3 is also a decentralized network based on blockchain technology, according to Dorsey, web 5 is an upgraded version of web 3 that is more decentralized than web 3.


Dorsey told us that in web 3, the user does not have full control over his personal data and identity, and there are many problems.


The two main reasons for developing web 5 are that the user will own his data and have complete control over his identity on the internet.



The Dorsey Bitcoin TBD web is web 5 that will revolutionize the internet.


How does Web 5 work?


Web 5 works on blockchain technology and supports decentralization. Because you will always own your data, anything you do online will only be stored in your decentralized wallet.


For example, if you have a digital wallet with all your data like personal and identity, and you want to use decentralized social apps or dApps. So you connect your wallet with the app and use the services provided by the app. No matter what you do on this app, like post or chat, you don’t need to create a profile with the app, all your data will always be stored in your digital wallet.


If you no longer want to use the app and log out of the app, you will have all your data. The app does not save your data.


What before web 5 : web 1, web 2 and web 3


The internet is not what we see today, and it certainly won’t stay that way. The birth of the Internet began with Web 1. It was the first generation of the internet, known as the read-only internet. The user can only read the data via the internet.


And web 2 is the internet we use today. It is the second generation of the Internet, known as the Read-Write Internet. Where user engagement is very high. This is also known as a social media network as there are many social media platforms in this type of internet.


web 3 comes with a new concept that decentralizes the web and works with blockchain technology. It is the first internet powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Neither Web 3 nor Web 5 belong to any central authority or government.


What is Artificial Intillegence? | What is Machine Learning (ML).


To learn more about web 3.0, click here.

Benefits of web 5


While web 5 is a combination of web 2 and web 3, it has more benefits than any previous generations of web. Here are the benefits of Web 5:


Web 5 makes you more secure on the Internet.


You have full control over your identity and personal data.


It is decentralized, so there is no authority to regulate it.


Your data will not be sent to third parties.


The web gives you more privacy and security.


You can use any services and applications without giving your personal details, you just need to have a digital wallet to use these services.


It supports Decentralized Web Applications (DWAS).


What is difference between web 5 and web 3?


According to Mr Dorsey, web 5 is similar to web 3 in that it is a combination of two web generations, web 3 and web 2.


He told us that web 3 is not fully decentralized and personal data and identities are not owned by individuals. It is owned by a third party.




The Dorsey Bitcoin TBD web 5 will change the way we use the internet. As he describes it, it’s more decentralized and more secure.


Is there any token to invest in with web 5?

The developer TBD crarify that there is no token to invest in web .


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