How to Transfer WhatsApp Data from Android to Apple iPhone | WhatssApp Data Transfer From Andriod Mobile to Apple iPhone

How to Transfer WhatsApp Data from Android to Apple iPhone | WhatssApp Data Transfer From Andriod Mobile to Apple iPhone

How 20to 20Transfer 20WhatsApp 20Data 20from 20Android 20to 20Apple 20iPhone


When an Android user switches to an Apple iPhone, he faces many issues of transferring the entire Android data as well as app data for many apps (like chat) and other data for WhatsApp.


whatsapp data transfer


You should know that whatsaap users can transfer their chats and other data from android to iPhone. Now you can easily transfer your data.


Many times users don’t know how to transfer WhatsApp data from android to Apple iPhone. In this article, we will explain WhatsApp data transfer from Andriod Mobile to Apple iPhone with some simple steps.


 WhatsApp Data Transfer From Android to iOS

This is great news for Android users who are worried about old data after switching their smartphone from Android to iPhone.


Apple and WhatsApp announced that user can transfer his data to iOS. This feature is only available in WhatsApp beta. Also, all users can use it afterwards.


From android to iOS, you can also transfer your data such as chat data, photos, videos, documents and voice messages.


This feature was most requested by Android users around the world, and finally Mark Zuckerberg announced the requested feature. He calls it secure switch data transfer with end-to-end encryption.


Before it was announced that the user was transferring data with the help of a third-party application. This method is not safe and sometimes this method does not work properly.


Android stores data on Google Drive, on the other hand iOS stores data on iCloud, which is the biggest problem of transferring whatsapp data from android to iOS.


Requirements for Data Transfer


To take advantage of this feature, you should have android 5.0 installed on your device and iOS 15.5 on your Apple iPhone.


Whatsapp version should be higher than on android and on iOS.


You just need to install an android app in your android device called “Move to iOS”. It can be found in the Play Store.


This app makes whatsaap data compatible with iOS.


Step by Step Data Transfer from Android to iOS


Follow these simple steps


Step 1


First install the “Move to iOS” app on your Android smartphone. Download from Play Store.


Step 2


Connect both smartphones with the same wifi, or you can also connect your android smartphone with your iPhone’s hotspot for internet connection.


Step 3


Use the same mobile number as whatsapp account in both phones.


Step 4


Open the Move to iOS app and follow the onscreen instructions.


Step 5


Select the WhatsApp you want to transfer and click “Start”. whatsapp will prepare the data for your iOS. WhatsApp will automatically log you out.


Step 6


Return to the Move to iOS app. and follow the next step.


Step 7


Click Continue Data Transfer and wait for confirmation of Data Transfer Confirmation.


Step 8


Install the latest version of whatsapp in your iPhone and log in with the same number as your android device.


step 9


Wait for the process and you will see your chats and other data stored to your new iPhone.


Following this step by step guide on how to transfer WhatsApp data from Android to Apple iPhone, you can easily transfer your whatsapp data from android to iOS.


You can also backup your data in icloud.


With the help of Move to iOS apps, you can store many other app data available on both platforms. After transferring data on iOS, you can still save data on your Android device.


You can only transfer data in new iPhone, you cannot transfer your whatsapp data from android to iPhone in old iPhone. If you still want to store your old android whatsapp data in your old iPhone, you need to reset your iPhone.


You can also transfer WhatsApp data from iOS to Android phone.


What you can not transfer from Android to iOS


You cannot store your peer-to-peer payment information, nor transfer call history.


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