What is a Chatbot? | Chatbots and How do Chatbots work?

What is a Chatbot? | Chatbots and How do Chatbots work?

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Know about Chat Bots

We generally see that most companies use human labor to eliminate customer inquiries about their company as customer care. People turn to these people for help. This facility is called a call center facility.


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Managing these facilities is very difficult for a large company. Which operates in many countries. So many companies are using chatbots to kill customer queries.


Today, it is very common for companies to have chatbots, rather than having a lot of people talking to the customers.

What do many of you think of a chatbot? How they do call center work. How does a chatbot work? What does a chatbot look like? You have a lot of questions about chatbots.

So, in this article, I will give a comprehensive introduction to chatbots, how chatbots work and types of chat bots.





Chatbots are computer programs based on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) that are capable of chatting and conversing with people just like humans. They can answer your questions or ask you questions.

With the help of these chatbots, you can also interact with digital devices or command them to do the work for you.

They can collect information for you and can also persuade you to keep your information. You can talk to a chatbot and the chatbot will help you.

Now you might be wondering what an example of a chatbot would be.

Chatbot Example

There are now many examples of chatbots. You may have used a chatbot before, but you didn’t know it was a chatbot.

Chatbot Examples: Google Assistant, Apple’s Shri, and Amazon’s Alexa are well-known examples of chatbots.

How Does a Chatbot Work:

Many of you may be surprised by chatting with chatbots, how machines can chat with Han. Machine learning and artificial intelligence make devices more intelligent and automated. These technologies make chatbots work.

Types of chatbots

There are two types of chatbots based on what they do:

Task-Oriented Chatbots

Task-oriented chatbots are those chatbots that are designed to perform a specific task. They are capable of accomplishing a single task efficiently.

Conversational chatbots

These chatbots are more intelligent, personal, interactive and powerful. Virtual assistants or digital assistants like Alexa and Sri are basically conversational chatbots.

They understand human spoken and written language. They are able to learn from humans and act accordingly. They can also interact with task-oriented chatbots.

How can chatbots help businesses?


Chatbot for bussiness



Chatbots are helping businesses in many ways. The customer is interacting with the chatbot, so the chatbot is also collecting data from the customer. Chatbots understand customer behavior and preferences. Every organization is using chatbots now.

Chatbots help businesses in many ways, some of them are:

Chatbots reduce the operational cost of the business and increase the cost-effectiveness of the business.

Provide customers with an omnichannel customer experience.

Chatbots can chat with customers in multiple languages. So different languages ​​don’t need different people. One chatbot is enough for all languages.

Chat bot increases the efficiency of a company by attracting customers.

Chatbots are most effective when the company has less manpower or cost savings.

Chatbots respond to customers in real-time with less process delays.

Chatbots provide customers with 24/7 support.

Chatbot Applications

Chatbot applications are everywhere. These are the most commonly used applications for chatbots:


When studying at home, chatbots can help students when the teacher is away. Chatbots can answer questions and give task for the students.

Banks and Financial Institutions

Many financial institutions are using chatbots to resolve customer inquiriesChatbots can help you manage your budget. Chatbots can make you financially conscious.


Chatbots are a very important use case for chatbots in travel. Chatbots may guide you and recommend places to visit during your travels.

Health care

Chatbots help doctors get reports from patients and guide patients when doctors are away. They can also monitor your health and call your doctor in case of emergency.


There are many use cases for chatbots in e-commerce. You can chat with them and ask questions about products and services.

The future of chatbots

Chatbots are growing exponentially and chatbots work faster than humans. So chatbots will become smarter in the future. They become more efficient. With artificial intelligence, machine learning and 5G chatbots, our lives and business have become easier.


Q.1  What is chat bots?
Ans. As chat bots are computer programs they works on a set of rules and protocols. When a query comes to a chat bot it receive it and process it and find the query in his data based after processing it deliver the output to the person as per the predefined rules.



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