What is Artificial Intelligence? | How does Artificial Intelligence works?

What is Artificial Intelligence? | How does Artificial Intelligence works?

Whenever the name of Artificial Intelligence comes in our mind, then all our attention goes towards the future. We think about What is Artificial Intelligence? And How does Artificial Intelligence works?

What is Artificial Intelligence


With the development of technologies such as artificial intelligence, they have had a major impact on our quality of life. Today Artificial Intelligence works for us.

In recent years, artificial intelligence has been constantly discussed for various reasons. Artificial intelligence is one of the most interesting and amazing creations in human history.

The last few years have seen a rapid growth in the field of intelligence, which has made it one of the most successful industries.

If we consider its exponential growth, artificial intelligence has great potential.

The purpose of this article is to present the simple and valuable knowledge of artificial intelligence (AI).

If you are interested, what is the Artificial intelligence (AI)? Than you came to the right place. In this article I will discuss what is artificial intelligence is? How does Artificial Intelligence work?, Artificial intelligence examples, Artificial intelligence and machine learning,  Artificial intelligence and deep learning in details.

To make it clear to you, we will explain the definition in simple words.


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Most people do not know what artificial intelligence is about. But most of them use artificial intelligence in their lives. There are many tools or devices with artificial intelligence on the market. AI is everywhere today.

Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science whose job is to create smart machines.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a sophisticated tool that allows people to think about how to do works with machines intelligently. It is already changing every aspect of life.

Artificial intelligence is far superior to human thinking in predicting behavior.

Artificial intelligence is not human natural intelligence, it is machine intelligence which is called Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial intelligence uses computers and machines to imitate the human mind to solve problems and make decisions.

Simply put, artificial intelligence is the development of machine thinking and decision-making skills.


What is artificial intelligence?

Although a number of definitions of artificial intelligence (AI) have emerged in the past. This is the science and technology of creating smart machines, especially intelligent computer programs.

Artificial intelligence is about the creation of a computer, a robot, or software in a way that smart human can think of.

Artificial intelligence is embedded in machines to perform tasks that require the human mind.

Similarly, machine learning improves when performing tasks without external interference.

Basically artificail intelligence is about to the smart machine which can think like a human. Hope I kill your question What is Artificial Intelligence?


Types of Artificial Intelligence

Different forms of artificial intelligence are designed for different purposes, so they will be different.

AI can be divided into 1 and 2 types (depending on functionality).

Type 1 Artificial Intelligence:

Narrow Artificial Intelligence

General Artificial Intelligence

Super Artificial Intelligence


Narrow Artificial Intelligence

Narrow artificial intelligence has just begun to enter mainstream artificial intelligence applications.


This is the most common used artificial intelligence in daily life. It is used to perform only one task at a time. It can easily handle single problem with accuracy. As name suggested it have narrow process.

General Artificial Intelligence

We are still far from creating an General Artificial Intelligence system. It is the Artificial intelligence which can handle many narrow artificial intelligence at a time ad perform many tasks simultaneously. It can also perform human level tasks.

Super Artificial Intelligence

The system of artificial super intelligence (ASI) exceeds all human capabilities. It will one day surpass the human mind.


Type 2 Artificial Intelligence:

Reactive machine Artificial Intelligence: This type of AI correspond to specific tasks an does not utilize memory to save past experiences.

Self awareness Artificial Intelligence:  In this type of  AI systems have their own consciousness.

Limited memory Artificial Intelligence : this type of AI systems have memory. Which can save past experience to make decisions in the future.

Theory of mind Artificial Intelligence: This type of AI can understand Psychology and have social intelligence behaviour within it. It also have emotional understanding. This can surpass human mind.

How does artificial intelligence work?

Here you will Understand how artificial intelligence works.

It achieves perception, thinking, and action through the use of algorithms, elements, software and hardware that help to smooth functioning of the model.

Artificial intelligence works on various set of rules and algorithms by processing data to achieve intelligence.

Many process and technologies are part of the Artificial Intelligence. There are six technologies support the Artificial Intelligence but Machine Learning and Deep Learning are the mostly used technologies.

The creation of an artificial intelligence system requires consideration of the human nature and capabilities of the machine.


Strong AI and week Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI can be divided into weak Artificial Intelligence or strong Artificial Intelligence.

Week Artificial Intelligence comes under the narrow Artificial Intelligence. Many industrial robots and digital assistant are the examples of the week AI.

General Artificial Intelligence and Super Artificial Intelligence are Strong Artificial Intelligence.


Auxiliary fields of artificial intelligence

AI is embedded in various technologies. These are the technologies which support AI

Machine Learning

Neural network

Computer vision

Deep Learning

Cognitive Computing

Natural Language Processing


What is Machine Learning?

Basically, Machine learning (ML) is nothing more than algorithms which make machine learn by itself.

Machine learning is an important part of the evolving field of data science. Reveal key insights in data mining projects by using statistical methods, classification or predictive training algorithms.

Machine learning is an applied system of artificial intelligence that allows systems to automatically acquire knowledge and improve practice without specific programming. Learn more about Machine Learning.


Artificial Intelligence Vs Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence and Machine learning are synonymous, but they are not. The difference between the two is clarified so as not to confuse.

Artificial intelligence is the  is the full domain where as Machine Learning is the sub field of the Artificial intelligence.

Machine learning involves algorithms capable of independent learning. Where as Artificial is consists of set of rules.


Deep learning vs. machine learning

Deep Learning and Machine Learning both are difference concepts but many people use them for each other without knowing these technologies.

Deep learning and machine learning are sub-branch of artificial intelligence, and deep learning is a sub-branch of machine learning.

Deep learning works with a neural network and consists of three layers.

Three layer:

Input layer

Output layer

Hidden layer

The difference between Deep learning and machine learning is how to master each algorithm.

ML teaches the machine to draw conclusions and decisions based on past experience.  

It automates most of the in-depth learning process, which does not require human intervention and allows the use of big data.


Artificial intelligence applications

Today, artificial intelligence systems have many practical applications. artificial intelligence is about to change our life. Here are some of the most common examples:


Digital assistance


AI Autopilot

Facial Recognition

Health care

Natural language processing


Self-driving cars



Big Data Analysis

Speech Recognition

Handwriting Recognition

Home appliances


Examples of Artificial Intelligence

Here are some of the best examples of AI.



Stock market

Manufacturing Robots



In this article, we first explained the what is artificial intelligence, . In short, the world is at the forefront of revolutionizing many areas through artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence revolutionizes our lives and work also. Artificial intelligence is about to copy human like behaviour.



What is AI?

Artificial intelligence consists of methods and procedures that attempt to equip machines with intelligence.

What is Artificial Intelligence in simple word?

The simple answer to what artificial intelligence is it is a set of algorithms that work without specific instructions. In artificial intelligence machines are able to learn by experience.

What is artificial intelligence examples?

Google’s Siri, amazon’s Alexa and Microsoft’s Cortaina are the some example of the AI used in the daily life.

What exactly is AI?

The intelligence that machines display is called artificial intelligence. AI requires special hardware and software to write and learn machine learning algorithms. It is a modeling of natural intelligence in machines designed to study and simulate human behavior.

What are the 4 types of AI?

Reactive machines,

Limited memory,

Theory of mind and


Is AI powerful?

Yes, it is powerful.

Who is the father of Artificial Intelligence?

Father of Artificial Intelligence, John McCarthy.

Is artificial intelligence Good or bad?

Artificial intelligence works for assign tasks, it totally depends on us how we use the Artificial Intelligence.

What is the Purpose of Artificial Intelligence?

The purpose of artificial intelligence is to make life easy. it helps us to improve our lives. An artificial intelligence system is a process of restoring human qualities and capabilities in the machine beyond its capabilities.

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