What is Augmented Reality (AR) | Eliminate Your Fears And Doubts About Augmented Reality

What is Augmented Reality (AR) | Eliminate Your Fears And Doubts About Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (also called AR), is one of the biggest trends in modern technology because AR-ready smartphones and other devices become available worldwide. AR and VR is about to become part of daily life. Everyone wants to know about What is Augmented Reality (AR)? What are the real life examples of AR. You are also searching for the what is augmented reality?

what is augmented reality?


If you are interested in AR and want to know what is augmented reality, you have come to the right place. Here we define augmented reality:


Augmented Reality


You may often hear the names of virtual reality and augmented reality. But what is virtual reality and what is augmented reality? You may not know any of them.


When people talk about VR and AR, they think they are the same technology, but they are different. Here, I will dispel your doubts about VR and AR.


I am here to let you know what these two technologies are. In this article, I will explain to you what VR is, what is AR, and what real examples of these two technologies are.


When you go to the mall, you will see a VR and AR game corner where you can play games or watch the world wearing VR glasses and AR screens.


I think you have heard about the Pokemon Go game, which is based on VR technology. 


In this article I will explain what is AR and What are the real life examples of AR. Lets check out the article.


What is augmented reality?


Augmented Reality (VR) is the technology which interact with the real world with the help of the digital, images, videos, audio and other digital technologies.


It show digital visuals on the physical world. In AR, You create digital elements realistically with the help of smartphones and other devices.


Augmented reality uses the real world environment and places virtual information to improve the experience.


AR allows us to see exactly the environment with added virtual thing in it. If you use AR you can put a spaceship with you in your AR video.


augmented reality has become more and more popular when the game Pokemon come in the market.


AR can be displayed on a variety of devices. AR does not give completely  experience like virtual reality (VR).


Amplified Reality (AR) has shifted from headsets and games to industries.

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Augmented Reality (AR) Examples


In fact, augmented reality is easily available and used in countless ways, Probably the most popular example of AR technology is the mobile application Pokemon Go. Some of you may play it.


There are many opportunities to use AR in everyday life other than the games. Here are some examples:


Modern navigation systems use augmented reality to put the route in direct view of the road.


In architecture AR is often used to place the item to check is it suitable for it or not.


In Military fighter pilots use AR projections of their altitude, speed, and other data through the helmet, which is called helmet mounted display system.


In historical places AR projection is used to show the entire environment to the visitor, for their better understanding.


Difference between Augmented Reality and Virtual


AR and VR merge the boundaries between the physical world and the digital world. Although VR is impressive, the AR part includes virtual objects in the real world. Some peoples think these two technologies are same but they are completely different.


Augmented reality mimics artificial objects in a real environment, while VR creates an artificial environment of real word.


Both technologies are based on the idea of introducing users to the enhance digital environment.


The nuances between augmented reality and virtual reality. Each type of technology interacts differently with physical and digital spaces.


Virtual reality (VR) allows users to fully interacts themselves in the digital world. After wearing VR set, the real world disappears. On the other hand, augmented reality (AR) adds digital information to the real world.


This is very different from virtual reality. Compared to simulation, AR integrates and enhances the value of user interaction with the real world.


Virtual reality is a computer environment where you can interact and access it.


Advanced Reality (AR) is emerging as one of the main driving forces of the technology.


Application of Augmented Reality


AR already has the potential to solve some big problems. Here are the some real life application of Augmented Reality:


Education system:  One of the areas that benefits from augmented reality is Education. The introduction of AR technology in the classroom can make education attractive, interactive, and make even the most boring subject interesting.


Gaming: augmented reality (AR) have completely changed the world, especially the gaming industry. There are many online games which are based on the AR. Pokemon Go was the best example of the gaming application of AR. AR technology is also used in the cricket to show the path of cricket ball and boundary of the field.

In football match AR is also useful to identify the path of football and lines on the field.

Business and Marketing:

Augmented reality is changing the form of trade. There are many possibilities of Augmented reality in retail or business.

They provide a new way to interact with customers and the world. AR can be used for product demo and product designing. Customer can used AR demo rooms to check the product fitting and other things.

You can also provide Out of store experience to your customer through AR. Which means customers need not to come to your store to check the product. He can check it from his home by Digital Tour.


Production: When it comes to production, the augmented reality has additional applications in this area. When accuracy and speed are important, AR can provide visual aids and factory-available installation instructions to the production line workers.


Applications in Production, AR helps workers to focus on work without looking at manuals and standard operating procedure of the works. That time AR guide them to work easily.


You need not to read assembly instruction to do the work.  AR technology allows you to monitor the technological process, suggest the next steps.



Entertainment: entertainment industry is also using AR technology for better experience.


Medical and Health: When moving from a factory to a hospital room, the room may be different, but AR provides the instruction and exact procedure of the process to the doctors.


During surgery AR helps the doctors in the surgical procedure. It can provide next steps or suggest next step to the surgeons.


AR supplements in surgery help reduce errors and increase the efficiency of the doctor to do a specific tasks.


In MRI and CT scan it provide the all information in front of the medical assistant or doctors.



Military: in the military there is many application of the AR technology. In military aircraft it is used in the Head Up Display for reading the information of altitude, height, pressure, speed and target.

Other than this used for mapping, target selection and runway detection.

It can be used for firing training also. Its have many application in military training.


Components of the Augmented Reality Technology:





Input Devices





What is augmented reality in simple words?

Augmented reality in simple words –  augmented reality is the reality in which virtual or computer generated data is added with real physical environment data to enhance the user experience.


What exactly is augmented reality?

Augmented Reality is the art of computer science, in which computer generated symbols, character and visuals like photos and video superimposed on the real physical environment.


What is augmented reality example?

The best example of Augmented Reality is Pokemon Go Game and aircraft’s displays.


What is augmented reality used for?

Augmented Reality is used for many purposes like medical real time instructions, manufacturing and production instruction.


Is VR better than AR?

Purposes of the both technologies is different from each other, so you can not say which one is better. VR used to show real world in terms of virtual world on the other hand AR shows real world mixed with virtual elements.


What is AR good for?

VR is good when you are interacting with real word and wants some digital add.


What is mobile AR?

Augmented Reality in Mobile phones is called mobile AR, where you can use AR features by using smartphones. You can also carry with you to any where.


How do I turn on the AR on my phone?

Go to app store of your phone.

Download the AR based app.

Install it and use the app.


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