All You Need To Know About Virtual Reality | What is Virtual Reality And How Does It Works

All You Need To Know About Virtual Reality | What is Virtual Reality And How Does It Works

Virtual reality (VR) is a technology that people use today, but they don’t know what virtual reality is? How does Virtual Reality work? And What are the examples of the virtual reality?


What is virtual reality vr


Many people have confusion between augmented reality and virtual reality. In this article I will explain the Virtual Reality and real life example of the Virtual Reality. It is the futuristic technology.


You may be familiar with VR headsets, which can be worn on your head like goggles. Virtual Reality VR is called as future technology.


Virtual reality (VR)


Virtual reality (VR) consists of two words: Virtual and Reality, which means virtually created reality.


Virtual reality (VR) is a technology, you need a headset to get a completely different experience. This may be similar to the experience in the real world, or it may be completely different from the real world.

It’s a matter of virtual reality (VR), where computer  generated simulated environment and human interact wit each other through a VR set.


Wants a character of a game – Virtual reality make it possible to you. You can play virtual game as a part of it.


Virtual reality is a unique change in people’s perception of the digital world.


What is Virtual Reality?


The technical answer to “what is virtual reality” is very simple.


Virtual reality (VR) is a digital three dimensional (3D) environment with scenes and objects that make the user feel reality in the environment. In this environment you feel artificial things as real. This medium is obtained through a device called a virtual reality headset.


It provide totally simulated environment. VR puts the user into this virtual environment.


An instantly recognizable component of virtual reality is a head-mounted display or VR headset.


VR provides a controlled environment to simulate real life scenarios in which people are almost risk-free.


How does Virtual Reality (VR) work?


Before knowing How does Virtual Reality. You should know how our senses works. Our senses which are five human senses. They give the input to our mind and our mind works accordingly to these inputs. Thus we create our reality.


Virtual reality works for our senses and provides us with computer-generated reality. This type of reality is created through various types of equipment: headsets, sound systems, and gloves. These devices simulate reality by creating illusions for our senses.


Most of the time two senses are used to show the virtual reality. It provide a full 360 degree view to the user.


Virtual Reality (VR) applications


The modern world is full of applications of virtual reality. It has completely changed the world from home to space. There are still many industries that use technology, and their number is growing day by day.  


Here are the most used field of virtual Reality:


Education Sector

Education Sector is adopting the technology for better understanding of the subjects. Practical in schools and colleges are very easy to perform with the help of VR. To give professional training is possible with VR. Student can easily visualize the complex model by using VR.


Medical and Health

Medical industry is using VR for practicing and education. To give training in medical field is easy with the help of VR.  This technology is also being used in mental health therapy and other therapy.



Tourism industry is providing the virtual tour of the any place like hotels, museum restaurants etc. You can visit the places by using VR from your home. Before buying any holiday package you can try it with VR.



Entertainment industry is one of the main consumer of the VR technology. Today with the help of VR movies are giving us the real life experience. Cinemas and theme parks are using the technology to provide a 360 view of the movies or videos. Youtube is also providing the VR version to watch the videos on Youtube.


Architecture and Engineering

With the help of VR architects have the advantage of presenting their ideas and designs to their customers. You can enter in the building virtually and explore its design.



Military is using VR in various purposes such as training, combat mission, fighter simulators and firing simulators. Especially useful training soldiers in combat or other dangerous situations, they must learn to act properly in dangerous situations. With VR there are zero risk of death or injury, it is very safe and effective.



VR allows the experiment with the appearance and construction of a car before launching.  Thus automobile industry is saving its time and money by using VR technology. Self driving cars and other technologies are using Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) together for better accuracy and performance.


Gaming and Sports

Virtual reality is used in many sports, such as golf, athletics, skiing, cycling, etc. VR is very useful for monitoring the performance and technique of the athlete. VR provide virtual platform to the player for practising. Today online games are growing very fast. You can play a online game as part of it with the help of the VR.



The industry is gradually realizing that VR has many capabilities and that it is not limited to the gaming or entertainment industry. Virtual meeting through VR is more compatible for the industries.


The applications listed above are just a few examples of how virtual reality technology is perceived.


Types of Virtual Reality (VR)


Today, three main categories of virtual reality


Non-Immersive:  This type of Virtual Reality (VR)  experience the reality in such a way that allows the user to constantly know their physical environment have control on it.


Semi-Immersive:  As name suggest this type of VR provide you semi virtual reality. This gives users an idea of how different reality is when they focus on the digital image, as well as allows users to stay in touch with the environment.


Fully-Immersive: Fully immersive modeling gives users a complete simulation experience with sight and sound. This type of VR provide a realistic physical environment. This type of VR is widely used VR.



However, the truth is that today this technology is fully compatible with our daily lives. VR technology interact with our senses to give a fully realistic digital environment. It have a bright future changing the life. Virtual reality is one of the technologies with high growth potential. The capacity of the technology is infinite and perfect. We need to know how this technology will revolutionize different areas of the world.

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What is virtual reality example?

Mostly seen Virtual Reality example is the VR games you often play in malls and cinemas. Where you rescue a cat virtually.


What is Virtual Reality (VR) in simple words?

Virtual reality (VR) is the experience of things that may or may not exist in our physical world. VR allows the user to enter and interact with the simulated environment.


What are the 3 types of virtual reality?





What exactly is virtual reality?

Virtual reality (VR) is a Virtual environment with scenes and objects that make the user feel immersed in the environment.


Why virtual reality is important?

Virtual reality (VR) is an important technology that makes a big leap into unfavorable fields.


Is VR bad for your eyes?

Studies show that VR headsets can cause eye fatigue, eye discomfort and vision loss.

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