Learn The Truth About Windows 11 In The Next five minutes | Windows 11 Launch

Learn The Truth About Windows 11 In The Next five minutes | Windows 11 Launch

Windows 11” – every one is talking about Windows 11. Did you hear about Windows 11? Here you will know all about the Windows 11. This is a big change in the history of Microsoft.

Microsoft’s has released the latest version of the “Windows 11” Operating System.

Learn The Truth About Windows 11 In The Next five minutes | Windows 11 Launch


Windows 10 will no longer the latest version of the Microsoft owned Windows Operating System. Microsoft launched the Windows 11 for PCs and laptops.


Microsoft is ready to use a modern version of a simple, beautifully designed and well-integrated Windows 11.


Windows 11 is now available as an update for Windows 10 compatible computers.


Microsoft has returned with great enthusiasm to make you more efficient in professional or creative works. Microsoft has released the Windows 11 Officially on October 5. if you are a computer user or own a PC its time to upgrade yourself to the Windows 11 or switch to Windows 11.


What is Windows 11?


windows 11


Windows 11 is an operating system OS which is an updated version of Windows 10 owned by Microsoft. It is one of the most compelling operating systems, and it looks awesome.


Microsoft has changes many things to the windows 10.  Most importantly, the interface looks more beautiful than previous versions of Windows.


This design marks the beginning of a new era for Microsoft for Windows and makes Windows 10 a thing of the past.


What is new in Windows 11


There is a lot to be said in detail, but the main thing you should need to know is –


For Windows 11, first of all, its interface has significant visual changes. Windows 11 offers new desktop interfaces for the Start menu, centrally positioned Start Menu.


It has a customizable grid where you can put all the related app icon together.


Many tasks are smoother due to the new task layout. Swipe over the Zoom button to select the location of the apps on the screen.


Many resource programs, including File Explorer and Microsoft Store, have been redesigned.


It will also support Android apps through the Amazon App Store and other third-party app stores.


Now Windows 11 is the latest ever version of the Microsoft owned Operating System. Microsoft launched the Windows 11 with some Hardware requirements.  

Windows 11 has a new experience that allows you to go through the installation.


11 Features of the Windows 11


Microsoft has announced the features of the windows 11. Here are 11 things to look forward to in Windows 11 with a radically new Start menu, new rounded corners, a new dark mode, and more features.


Introducing the new interface with beautiful design and graphics. Windows 11 finally changed the rules with a new sound kit. Windows 11 replaced sharp corners with rounded corners.


First time in history, Windows is showing the task bar on the center of the display. You can easily excess the cloud based service like Microsoft 360 from Microsoft.


It will make multitasking easy of the PCs. Well optimization of the hardware and screen become very fast.


You will have a best optimizations for touch screen, digital pen and voice input.


You can easily chat with the Microsoft team for any quarry related to the Windows 11.

Introducing the Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Windows 11. it will enhance the performance, speed and productivity on the cloud and through internet.


The game has always been important for Windows. Windows 11 will provide the best performance in gaming.  You can play high quality  games with Xbox Game Pass subscription.


Microsoft has upgrade the Microsoft Store in Windows 11. here you can easy search and find you favorite apps and game. You can also easily discover the latest shows and movies. You will see some android apps on Microsoft Store after some time.


You will experience a new and user friendly interface and design. The new centrally  Start menu was the first to appear in Windows 11.


It will open the doors for the app developers and software developer. Windows 11 is introducing new and user friendly tools for the developers.


Windows 11 is an operating system suitable for hybrid work. It provides a new experience that suits your work style, is designed to ensure security, and IT deployment and management are simple and familiar.


Hardware requirements for The Windows 11


Microsoft has declared the list o minimum hardware requirement for installing the Windows 11. The biggest drawback of Windows 11 is that the system requirements are very high, which is also the case with personal laptops from Microsoft.

System requirements of windows 11 are –



Storage: 64GB of Storage required

Processor: Minimum 1GHz of Dual Core Processor (CPU) 64bit Processor

Trusted Platform Module: Required hardware security component TPM 2.0 ()

Display: 9 Inch display with 720p resolution

Graphics card: DirectX 12 compatible Graphics Card.

Account: A Microsoft Account

Internet Connection: An active internet connection


If you wants to know either your PC is Windows 11 compatible or not, you can check it by using “PC Health Check” application of Microsoft.


if your PC is compatible to install Windows 11, you can download it from the Official Website of the Microsoft.


Cost of Windows 11


Windows 11 is free of cost for eligible PCs and Laptops. Due to upgrade in hardware requirements, it is depends upon the hardware manufacturer cost.


All devices which are hardware compatible for the Windows 11 can be easily upgraded to the Windows 11. If you are having Windows 11 you can simply upgrade it.


You need not to buy a separate licence for the Windows 11.


How to check your computer for Windows 11 compatibility


If you are not sure that your computer meets requirements, you can use Microsoft  PC Health Check application.


It scans your computer to make sure Windows 11 meets the recommended system requirements.


Steps to check your computer for Windows 11 compatibility:

First go to the Microsoft Store. Download the  Microsoft’s Health Check application.

Open the downloaded file and tick the terms and conditions and click on install.


windows pc health check app setup

After installing click on Finish.

windows pc health check app set up


Open the application.

PC Health Check Interface


Next, click the “Check Now” button, Windows 11 presentation on the home page of the program, which says about your computer’s health.

It will scan you computer and give a report like this –


PC Health Check Report


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