iOS 16: New Features, Updates, and More | TechJankariyan

iOS 16: New Features, Updates, and More | TechJankariyan

iOS New features Updates TechJankariyan
iOS 16 Update

Apple’s New iOS

Apple has launched its most awaited iOS update today. It’s time for an iPhone upgrade that brings you tons of new features. You can update your iPhone and use it. Many things in this update will enhance your experience with the iPhone. 


Apple says the new iOS will offer new personalization features, deeper intelligence, and more ways to connect and share.”


iOS 16 New Features


These are the features that are included in this update:

  • Lock Screen update
  • Message edit and collaborate
  • Photos and videos with live text and visual lookup
  • New tools in Mail
  • More Secure Safari
  • Some additional features


Lock Screen Update


Look screen update in iPhone will provide you more customization over lock screen picture, battery level, calendar, and more. You can easily change your lock screen style and type.


The lock screen gallery feature is the most beautiful feature of the iOS 16 it will display your gallery photos as lock screen pictures.


You can customize your wallpaper with the apple wallpaper library. Users can now customize fonts and mix their background images with the time and date display.


You can easily change your focus among the Do Not Disturb, Personal, Work, and Sleep. Focus settings allow you to toggle the notifications that appear when you’re switching between lock screens.


Message edit and collaborate


Message updates let you edit, unsend, and flag unread conversations, making it even easier to stay in touch with friends and family. You can easily invite your friends and family to shareplay via a message. Thus you can enjoy music, movies, and documents with them.


Photos and videos with live text and visual lookup


iOS 16 update makes it possible to select a subject from a photo and paste it into messages and you can also share it anywhere. Users can easily select and recognize the object from an image.


Users also can select and recognize the text from a video and photos, copy, translate and share them with friends and family.


New tools in Mail


iOS includes many features in the mail like rescheduling the emails and canceling the email before it reaches its destination. Better searches in the mail are the best feature in iOS 16.


You can set alerts and responses in the mail.


More Secure Safari


Apple is making its safari browser more secure in this iOS 16 updates. You can share easily share tabs and sites you visited with your friends and family with the help of a shared tab group.


Additional Features of iOS 16


Apple Maps

Now you can add multiple routes on the way and you will be guided from stop to stop.


Fitness and Health

Fitness and health update in iOS make a list of your intakes such as calories and other intakes you take.


How to install iOS 16


Installing iOS 16 is very simple and easy.

Go to the setting of your iPhone. 

Click on General.

Choose Software Update.

Updating iOS makes your phone unusable.


Who can upgrade to iOS 16


Apple iOS 16 is now available for iPhone 8 and later phone owners to download.

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