What is E-Paper and Electronic Paper Display | Electronic Paper Display (EPD) and How EPD work?

What is E-Paper and Electronic Paper Display | Electronic Paper Display (EPD) and How EPD work?

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All of us use paper in our daily life for writing and reading. Our news paper, books and copies are made of paper. Paper is made of wood and for these paper we need to cut tree.
If we use electronic display in place of the paper which feel and looks like a paper, we can reduce the cutting of trees.
In this article we will discuss What is E-paper, what is Electric Paper Display (EDP), how does EDP works and advantages of EDP.

Electronic Paper

These paper are basically electronic display which are seems like a paper. Which shows the properties of the paper and easy to read and write. These paper does not emit light, they reflect light.
You can easily read in direct sun light without any hardle. The ink used in electronic paper is called E-ink.
These displays hold the images and text for a long time without any power such as electricity.  These displays are used in the reading gadgets, digital labels and in digital signatures.
You can read news paper, books and magazines with E-Paper.

History of E-Paper

E-paper was first introduced in 1970 by a researcher called NIck Sheridon. The name of first E-paper was “Gyricon”.  

Applications of E-Paper

News paper
In smart sign boards
Mobile phones
Public Banners
Computer monitors
Smart Watches

Advantages of E-paper

E-paper have the many advantages over other digital displays. These are the main advantages of the E-Paper:
It provide paper like readability and stability.
It consume very less power.
Very low Eyestrain.
Easy to read in outdoor and indoor conditions, even in bright light you can easily read on it.
Clear visibility from any angle.
Provide high resolution text and images.
These display are anti glare display.

How does E-paper works

E paper is made of tiny capsule filled with a transparent fluid in it. A film of charged particle cover the capsule.
These capsule are fitted between the two electrodes. When the electrode produce electric field.  The charged particle moves up and down according to the charge they hold and give a colour to the display.
Thus a E-Paper display the screen.

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