How to Enable Auto-Reply On Facebook Messenger? | Techjankariyan

How to Enable Auto-Reply On Facebook Messenger? | Techjankariyan

Auto-Reply On Facebook Messenger

Customers like companies that meet their needs right there and use products and services that are useful to them. some time we need Auto-Reply On Facebook Messenger ao that we can manage customer easily. There is no doubt that Facebook Messenger is a great way to do this. Customers expect your business page to be where they can get help, but you can use Facebook Messenger to help them.

Auto-Reply On Facebook Messenger

Additionally, you can encourage people to take immediate action to get your product or service through Facebook Messenger. It helps companies and users get to know each other. But human workers cannot communicate with every user at the same time or solve multiple problems.

This is when autoresponders are very important. These are important ways to keep customers happy and keep them coming back. You’ll learn how to set up automatic replies for Facebook Messenger and get them working in minutes. Auto-Reply On Facebook Messenger are very useul when you are busy.

Auto-Reply On Facebook Messenger

Auto-Reply On  Messenger

Auto-replies are pre-written comments that are sent immediately when a new message arrives on your page. It lets you instantly know when workers are busy, on vacation, or out of the office. An auto-reply lets users know that their message has been received and is being processed. In this way, it connects people even if a particular route does not work. This gives the person time to write a well-thought-out message.

Why do you need to set up auto-replies on Facebook Messenger?

Customers expect to be able to get help at any time. But the customer service team doesn’t even come close to meeting the high standards. Moreover, even one word loss can lead to loss. So, using autoresponders is a great way to help your customers get an immediate response no matter what the time is.

Autoresponders let the customer know that you received their text message and that you are working on it. This lets people know what to expect from you. A person knows that even if you can’t help them right now, you care enough to let them know.

How to set up auto reply in FB Messenger?

Setting up an autoresponder is easy if you follow the steps below.

Open your business page on Facebook.

Click on “Inbox”.

Next, tap on automation.

Find the quick response switch here and turn it on. Also, check the box next to Messenger to choose the preferred route.

Under Response Assistant, write the message you want to send as an automatic response. You can change the message to say what you want. Include your customer’s name, business phone number, email address, their Facebook page URL, your website URL, and more on your page. can be added.

Finally, don’t forget to click “Save Changes” to send your Facebook auto-reply.

Things to consider before enabling autoresponders

Set specific goals

When customers receive an automated response, they get frustrated not knowing how long they have to wait for a response.

They are usually left with messages like:

We will contact you immediately.

Our agent will contact you shortly.

Customers are frustrated because these messages don’t tell you how long it will take, be it hours, days, or weeks. So, to deal with these scenarios, you need to make it clear when you are willing to help.

Keep it light.

Your autoresponders should be clear and simple for people to understand. You should not use scientific terms or words that are difficult to understand. The feel of the letter should be friendly.

Give people a choice of “what’s next.”

When writing autoresponder texts, the most important thing is to tell people the next step. This gives the customer the impression that you, as a brand, understand their problem and are ready to help them quickly.

Make your autoresponder texts attractive by adding images.

Visuals are a better way to engage people than just words. Interesting and eye-catching visuals bring automatic texts to life. You can add images to your text by using GIFs or emojis. This makes it more likely that customers will read your message. Visuals make the word interesting and interesting to the person who understands it.

Personalize your responses

The goal of sending texts to customers is to make any communication with them useful and relevant. Users will think better of you if you personalize your autoresponders. If they’re happy with how they interact with your brand, they’re more likely to buy from you again.


Even autoresponder texts are an important part of building a brand image. A clear message helps the customer decide what to do. So it helps if you take every opportunity to give your customers a great experience. Automated responses to well-written texts to help meet customer standards.

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