Which Bitcoin Transaction Accelerators Are The Best For Speeding Up Crypto Transactions?

Which Bitcoin Transaction Accelerators Are The Best For Speeding Up Crypto Transactions?

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Bitcoin is the most popular and most valuable digital currency in the world. However, due to the popularity of Bitcoin, there is a lot of traffic on the Bitcoin blockchain, which means that transactions take a long time. Because of this, many people now use tools that speed up Bitcoin transaction.

Bitcoin Transaction Accelerators

What’s a Bitcoin Transaction Accelerator?

Bitcoin transaction accelerators are websites that speed up the time it takes to process a Bitcoin transaction. On the Bitcoin blockchain network, it is up to miners to confirm transactions and keep the ecosystem safe. When a transaction is made, the information is sent so that miners can retrieve and proces chain

Miners are not required to confirm each transaction immediately. Miners focus on the transactions with the highest costs, as they are charged transaction costs and mining rewards. At least three confirmations are made during transaction verification.

The mempool waiting for transactions to be processed is already full of unprocessed transactions. Thus, if you make a low-fee transaction when the blockchain is very busy, you may have to wait a long time to get a full confirmation. This is where tools that speed up Bitcoin transactions come in.

When you use an accelerator, you redistribute your payout to make it more likely that a miner will receive it. Bitcoin mining accelerator sites are free or paid. Paying an accelerator puts your transaction at the top of the list, but a free transaction is not as important. Either way, you should alert the workers that your transaction is not yet complete.


BitAccelerate is a popular and free service that accelerates Bitcoin transactions. BitAccelerate is easy to use. All you have to do is type your transaction ID (TXID) into the field and your transaction will be sent to ten different nodes (or miners) on the network.

BitAccelerate allows you to send that transaction every six hours until it is processed. You can also use BitAccelerate to check the transaction confirmation status. It is important to remember that because BitAccelerate is free, the retransmission transaction may not get as much attention as the paid ones.

Again, miners want to make money, so they should prioritize paid ones so that people continue to pay for fast confirmations through paid services. But that doesn’t mean BitAccelerate is useless. If you want to speed up your transaction without paying money, this website is worth a try.


The ViaBTC platform has several services, such as mining pools, an exchange, and a way to accelerate Bitcoin transactions. ViaBTC transaction accelerator is very easy to use and can be used for free or paid. Transactions less than 0.5 KB will be redistributed by ViaBTC Free Accelerator.

Every hour you can send up to 100 transactions for free. With the ViaBTC paid accelerator, there are no transaction volume limits, and all mining pools that work together are aware of this. Your transaction will be prioritized for confirmation. You can use Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, or Litecoin to pay for this service.

But ViaBTC told its users that the accelerator does not always work. This may be due to a transaction that is too large, a fee that is too low, or a transaction that has not yet been confirmed. So, before submitting your transaction, make sure you follow the ViaBTC rules carefully to speed things up.

BTC Nitro

BTC Nitro is another transaction speeder that you can use for free or for a fee. By using the BTC Nitro tag, you can rebroadcast to private and public nodes on the network to confirm the transaction. This method is best suited for transactions that are stuck in memory or have been deleted.

Like ViaBTC, you can freely send your transaction once every six hours. Either way, you can pay BTC Nitro, which puts your transaction at the top of the list and adds it to the mining pool. This adds the transfer to the next block so it can be confirmed faster.

BTC Nitro promises that if you pay for their service, your transaction will be completed within 24 hours or you will get your money back. Every accelerated economic theory points to $25 paid in Bitcoin. This is not a small fee, so you can repeat the transaction using the free service first.


ConfirmTX is a service that speeds up Bitcoin transactions for a fee. It’s simple and quick to use. First, you need to copy the pending transaction ID and paste it into the box on the home page. ConfirmTX will then tell you how much you need to pay to speed up the process.

Then, ConfirmTX says, that once the fee is paid, your transaction is moved to the front of the line so it can be processed quickly. ConfirmTX says that if your transaction is not confirmed within a short period, you will receive a full refund of the expediting fee. But if you don’t trust the site, you should be careful about paying for a faster transaction.

Accelerate Your Bitcoin Transactions!

As the Bitcoin network grows, it’s rare to see transactions happen so quickly. Some users may need to wait several hours or even days for confirmation. This is why transactional business incubators are profitable for Bitcoin. So if you think your transaction has stalled, try using one of the accelerators above to get it moving again.

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