What is Quantum Computing? | What is Quantum Computer and How does it Work?

What is Quantum Computing? | What is Quantum Computer and How does it Work?

Quantum Computing – need of a Quantum Computer, Quantum Computer use case, How does compuig work, Differece between Quantum Computer and Classical Computer and the process of Quantm Computing.

Since the past ten years, the quantum computing revolution has been around us. Researchers are working on quantum computers. After Google announced that they were making quantum computers, we had some success in the field of quantum computers. Quantum computing is a rapidly evolving technology.


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Many others are working in fields such as quantum mechanics. The development of quantum computers is at an early stage of their development.


Now is the time to learn what quantum computing is and how it works? We are at the peak of the quantum era.


What is Quantum Computing?


Quantum computing is popular worldwide because it is more powerful than previous classical computing. The technology has not yet been fully developed. It is in its infancy.


Quantum computing uses the laws of quantum mechanics to solve computational problems that are difficult for ordinary computers to solve.


As the complexity of the problem increases, the capabilities of classic computers become insufficient to solve computer problems.


What is Quantum Computer?


A quantum computer is a computer that performs quantum calculations. These computers perform calculations differently than digital computers. A quantum computer stores data and information in qubits.


What is the need of a Quantum Computer?


When scientists realized that the computing power of classic computers was not enough to solve complex problems. They started to make supercomputers, and then they realized that supercomputers could not solve complex problems, such as computing electronics and its behavior. So they started to make quantum computers.


The demand for quantum computers has become very necessary because supercomputers are very large and take up more space.


Supercomputers cannot solve many problems that hinder scientific experiments.


Quantum Computer used case


A quantum computer does not have to perform all the calculations faster than a supercomputer, but it does a lot of calculations that cannot be solved by a classical computer.


The purpose of a quantum computer is different and it is used differently from a classical computer.


Quantum computers perform very well in tasks that require the calculation of as many different combinations as possible. As the number of qubits increases, the power of quantum computers increases.


Quantum Computing can be user for various application such as in the field of the:


How does Quantum computer work?


A quantum computer performs calculations using phenomena of quantum mechanics, such as superposition, interference, and entanglement.


Quantum computers are more powerful and consume less power than supercomputers. The quantum processor of a quantum computer is small in size.


It is a superconducting processor and requires an ultra-cold environment. So it needs a cooling system. In the cooling system, we use super fluids to achieve very low temperatures.


After reaching a very low temperature, the electrons in the material used in the quantum computer processor begin to move freely without any resistance.


This is the superconducting effect, which makes the material a superconductor.


Free moving electrons of same velocity in the superconductor make pair and carry charge, these pair are called as Cooper Pairs.  And this entire process is called as quantum tunneling.


Quantum computers use multi-dimensional algorithms to process calculations.


It uses qubits (CUE bits) to perform its operations. The value of a qubit may be 0 or 1, and it may be a superposition of 0 and 1.


For example, a 4-bit classical memory can save any possible 2power4 numbers, but in the case of a 4-bit quantum memory, all 2power4 numbers can be saved at the same time.


Difference between quantum computer and classical computer


Quantum computers are probabilistic in nature, while classical computers are usually deterministic.


Quantum Computer

Classical Computer

Quantum Computer store the data in Qubits (0 or 1 or superposition of both).Classical Computer store the data in Bits (0 or 1)
Quantum Computer need ultra cold environment.Classical Computer does not need ultra cold environment.
Uses highly expensive hardware and software.Uses less expensive hardware and software.
These compute are very fast.Classical Computer are not that much fast.
Uses complex design.Use simple design.




The process of quantum computing


  • Access qubit
  • Initialize the qubit to the desired state
  • Perform operations to switch the state of the qubit
  • Measuring the new state of qubits


Interesting Things about the Quantum computer:


iBM has succeeded in creating a quantum computer with a capacity of 127 qubits.


Current quantum systems have less qubit capacity. The capacity of quantum computers needs to be increased to one million or more qubits.  So it can solve more complex problems.






1. What is the Quantum Computing in simple words?

Ans. Quantum computing is a field of computer science that develop the computer technology with the help of quantum mechanics.


2. What is Quantum Computer?

Ans. The computer which has the power to perform the Quantum Computing is known as the Quantum Computer.


3. What are the phenomenon on which Quantum Computing based on?

Ans. Quantum Computing is based on the Superposition, Interference and Quantum Entanglement.


4. When did the Quantum Computer coined off?

Ans.  In, 1980 first time Quantum Computing Coined off.


5. What is a qubit?

Ans. Just as we use bits 0 and 1 in digital computers to perform data storage and communication. In a similar way, we use qubits in quantum computers. Qubits can represent several possible combinations of 1 and 0 at the same time.


6. What is quantum supremacy?

Ans. At this point, quantum computers can perform mathematical calculations, which even the most powerful supercomputers cannot.


7. What is entanglement?

Ans. Entanglement: “Entangle” means that pair of qubits are in the same quantum state. If two qubits are paired, if we change the state of any one qubit, the other qubit will change at the same time. No matter how much is the distance.


8. What is Quantum Modeling?

Ans. Quantum modeling: Currently, the use of real quantum equipment is limited due to resources and budget. At this time, quantum simulators serve the purpose of running quantum algorithms, which simplifies the testing and repair of the algorithm, and then launches it on real equipment with confidence that the result will meet expectations.


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