What is NFTs | How Does NFTs Work?

What is NFTs | How Does NFTs Work?


What is NFTs, How does NFTs works, what does NFTs mean, NFTs example, Properties of NFTs, how to create NFTs, risk involved in NFTs and what is the difference between NFTs and cryptocurrency.

What is NFTs | How Does NFTs Work? - TechJankariyan


You can read the news about NFT about someone selling a picture and tweeting for a million dollars and becoming a millionaire.


“NFT, NFT” You may see NFT everywhere, and everyone is talking about NFT. But no one knows exactly what NFT is and how it works?


NFT is the short form of the Non-Fungible Token. After reading this article, a question that comes to mind is what does non-fungible mean?


Non-fungible means that it is irreplaceable, which means it can not be replace with any thing.


An NFT is proof that you own digital content. It may be any digital content like video, photos and the memes shared on the social media. You your social media post may be consider as NFT if you convert it in NFT.


You may be thinking: what exactly is NFT?


Non-fungible tokens or NFTs are encrypted tokens with unique identification based on the blockchain. They cannot be sold or exchanged in an alternative way with equivalency. They all are different from each other.


As cryptocurrencies and currency of a nation are fungible, but NFTs are Non-fungible assets.


NFT is the latest hobby of the Internet. They also have the opportunity to earn real money.


So how can someone get involved? Here’s what you need to know about NFTs.


Know more about Cryptocurrencies.


What is NFTs?  What does NFT mean?


This basically means that it is a unique digital asset that belongs to you and only you.  Currently, the most popular NFTs include works of art and music, but can also include videos and even tweets.


Non-fungible token (NFT) is a unique and irreplaceable unit of data stored in a blockchain, in the form of a digital book. Nothing makes you think more than the explosiveness of Blockchain.


NFTs use a digital book to provide authentication or proof of ownership, it does not restrict the sharing or copying of basic digital files.


Due to the its non fungible property it is different from the cryptocurrency Bitcoin and any other currency.


How does NFT work?


Many NFTs are part of the Ethereum blockchain.


Ethereum is a cryptocurrency like bitcoin or dogecoin, but its blockchain also supports these NFTs, which store additional information that works differently from their ETH coins, for example.


You  know that you can create many copy of the digital file of the NFTs. NFTs give you ownership of a digitally created work or asset. Anyone can buy or sell your creations, but only you can own the original.


When someone creates NFT and saves it to the blockchain, he uses the ERC-721 standard to make a smart contract.

You went through the following process to create NFT:

  • Create a new block
  • Validation of creation
  • Keep it in the blockchain



A brief understanding of the NFTs;


Many people mistakenly believe that NFT is similar to physical currency and cryptocurrency. But I am clarifying this suspicion that NFT is different from these currencies. Each NFT is unique and different from each other. It cannot be traded in one for other, because money can be traded one for other. NFTs have different values, which means they are not equal to the others.


One NFT can be combined with other NFTs to create another unique NFT. Since it is stored in the blockchain, it also contains details of the owner in order to identify and simplify transactions.


Are non-fungible tokens important?


NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are now very popular after the emergence of cryptocurrencies. NFT makes business simple and eliminates third parties. You can easily connect with the audience. With the help of NFT, it is very easy to divide digital assets to many owners because it is not easy to divide physical assets. Therefore, assets can increase their value.


Both Ethereum and NFT are solving our daily Internet problems. You can sell to anyone via the Internet, and you can enter the global market.


Only one owner can own an NFT at a time. Which uses smart contracts.


It helps the artist to sell his artwork directly to customers as NFT. He does not need to sell his art in a physical store. Therefore, by selling his art as NFT, he will get more profit from his art.


When the NFT exchanges hands between owners, the artist also receives royalties.


NFT can be used to raise funds for charity.


NFTs Example:


NFT has become a buzzword for everyone. NFT is becoming more and more popular among people due to its characteristics.


Here is the most popular example of NFT, so you can better understand NFT.

  • Digital assets such as video, audio, GIF and image.
  • Any unique creativity
  • A website design
  • A tweet
  • Any animation or graphic design
  • Any event ticket
  • Signature



Properties of the NFTs:

  •  Every NFTs has a unique ID which is directly connected to the ethereum blockchain.
  •  Can not be interchanged with other NFTs.
  •  Each NFT has only one owner at a time and has ownership information.
  • You can easily carry and sell it on the Ethereum-based market.
  • With the help of proof of ownership, you can easily prove your ownership of the NFT.
  • No one can manipulate the data storage in the NFT blockchain.
  • You can have it when you want it.
  • If you are the creator of NFT, you can earn royalties from each sale.
  • You can create NFT shares to sell in batches.


How can I create a NFTs


For investors, making NFTs can be a profitable investment. You can invest in an NFT or create a new NFT. Thousands of people make money by simply creating NFTs.


You should remember that creating an NFT is not always profitable. You may also lose money.


If you are interested in NFTs, then I’m pretty sure you also want to create NFTs. Here, I will help you create an NFTS. After reading this part of the article, you can easily create your first NFTS. After creating your first NFT, you will be proud of yourself. So let’s get started:


You must follow the steps below to create an NFT-


1. Create a digital wallet:

Before creating an NFT, you need to have an encrypted wallet. You can create crypto wallets from any of them-MetaMask and Coinbase wallets.


2. Buy some cryptocurrencies:

After creating a crpto wallet, you need to buy some cryptocurrency. Like Bitcoin, Ethereum or anything else you want to buy. It is best to buy ether.


3. Choose the project you want to become NFT:

After purchasing cryptocurrency in your wallet. Choose any digital assets you own, such as videos, pictures, mp3s, GIFs, and any digital projects.


4. Choose a marketplace:

You need to choose the best market where you can create or sell your NFT. The most popular markets are – OpenSea and Rarible.


5. Create NFT:

Connect your wallet to the market of your choice. Upload the item you want to convert to NFT and fill in all the details you want to provide. Use OpenSea or Rarible to publish the NFT you create on the blockchain. This process is called the Mint of NFT.


You have to pay some fees there. The fee may vary from 0.1% to 2.5%. Sometimes you don’t need to pay this fee, and your buyer has already paid for it.


Congratulations on successfully creating your first NFT. This is the simple process of creating an NFT.



How does NFT traded:


NFT transactions are very easy. The global market for non-fungible tokens reaching USD 23 billion will surprise you. Many investors are interested in NFTs and they are investing in NFTs.


You can only sell or buy NFTs on the NFT market. The most popular market is OpenSea.


You can sell your NFT here and buy any NFT from there.


Where possible, the transfer of an NFT does not involve the transfer of assets to the NFT. You will only acquire ownership of the assets related to the NFT.


You just need to have enough cryptocurrency in your wallet. If you want to buy NFT from the Ethirium blockchain, you need eterium in your wallet.


Difference between Cryptocurrency and NFT




As the name suggests, NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is irreplaceable, which means it cannot be traded or exchanged one for other.

Cryptocurrency is fungible, which means it can be traded or exchanged one for other.

Every NFT is unique. Different from other NFT.

Every crypto is similar to other – one bitcoin is always equal to the other bitcoin.

You cannot directly purchase other things with the help of the NFTs.

You can purchase any thing with the help of crypto. As it is excepted as a currency.

Mining is not possible in case of the NFTs.

Mining is possible in the case of the cryptocurrencies.


Risks involved in NFTs:


High cost is always associated with NFT.

High energy consumption due to storage in blockchain and mining.

You don’t have to always get value.

Highly volatile market.




What does NFT mean?

NFT becomes a means to digitally represent the artist’s art and any tangible assets. NFT stores data on the blockchain and uses digital ledgers. It manages the identity of creators and purchasers. It helps simplify transactions between two parties.


Are non-fungible tokens safe?

Because NFT is a token based on blockchain, blockchain makes it more secure.


Is NFT a cryptocurrency?

No, NFT is not a cryptocurrency, both are different. But it uses cryptographic technology. Is NFT a good investment?


How do I purchase NFT?

You can buy NFT from any of these websites – OpenSea and Rarible, or you can buy it with Etherium (ETH).


what standard does NFTS use?

NFTs uses the ERC-721 standard.


What is ERC-721 standard?

ERC-721 is a standard, which includes the ownership details, metadata and security.


What are the use cases of the NFTs?

Cryptokitties are the most use case of the NFTs.


What are the Cryptokitties?

Cryptokitties  are the digital representation of the cats. Which utilized the Ethereum blockchain.


What are the main characteristics of NFT?

These are the basic characteristics of the NFTs:


  • NFT is a unique cryptographic token available in the blockchain.
  • NFTs can be used to display real objects such as works of art and real estate.
  • Used to prevent the fraud in real world asset and artwork.
  • NFTs can be used for identification purpose.
  • NFT can also be used to eliminate middlemen and connect artists with audiences or manage their identities.
  • They are digital representations of assets.
  • They can not be traded one for other.
  • NFTs are extendable.



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