What is the Metaverse | How will Metaverse work?

What is the Metaverse | How will Metaverse work?

“Metaverse” become the most searched term in the past few day after the most famous Social media company Facebook rebranded itself to the “Meta” to show its acceptance of future ideas. This could be the next big thing which will revolutionize our online lives.


What is the metaverse


The Metaverse concept predates Zuckerberg‘s announcement of a Facebook renaming. Facebook is going to work on Metaverse where you can experience the real world experiences on the digital world. It is the revolutionary idea behind the name change of the Facebook.


Today virtual reality platform are growing and expanding rapidly.  It will radically change our online lives.


Every one is talking about the Metaverse. But due to the less information of the technology many people don’t know – What is Metaverse? And what is the idea behind Metaverse?


With the 3D technology it will help to create a realistic environment on the digital platform.The Internet brought it to life a”virtual environment” that can be accessed instead of just looking at the screen.


It also covers other aspects of Internet life, such as commercial and social media. you spend your virtual life like your physical life”.


Every tech giant wants to have a Metaverse and they wants to create a fully Meta environment. Facebook and Microsoft both are developing their own Metaverse. They invested a lot of money in Metaverse to increase its height.




Before we learn more about what metaverse is, this para will help you to understand what it means.


Metaverse is the word made of the ‘Meta’ and ‘Universe’. Meta is the prefix and taken from the Greek language which means after or beyond. Universe means “a particular sphere of activity or experience”.   The combination of “meta” and “universe”, that is, Metaverse.


Thus Metaverse will mean a place beyond the world or universe as we know it, a place that exists in the virtual realm but feels equally real.


Users of Metavers not only see digital content, but also enter the space where the digital world and the physical world meet.


What is Metaverse?


if you are reading the Metaverse first time them you can assume it as a virtual world running on the real time. The word Metaverse is used by the Neal Stephenson in his science fiction novel Snow Crash.  


It is the combination of the Physical, Virtual and Augmented reality on a single space with the help of 3D and Holographic technology. You can create your digital avatars and in the same time you can talk to the other people avatars.


Metaverse is called as Meta-Universe which means it is the universe of the many services which includes the user’s working environment, playing real time games, meetings, virtual tours, holographic 3D simulations and avatars.


In short, it is a virtual simulation of the real environment, the physical world, things and people on a platform. It is the overlap of the digital and physical world.  


According to the Mark Zuckerberg, Meta CEO,  that it could take 5-10 years for Metaverse’s core capabilities to become a major stream.


But now there are many technologies which are backbone of the Metaverse. Today it is an idea, but one day it will become a reality.


What can I do on Metaverse?


In metaverse you can do any thing what you want to do in real life, as you can speed time with friends and family, do your office work, a virtual meeting in real time, play an online game, shopping, reading and many more.  You can meet with another people holograms. You can also watch a live show with your family and friends virtually. You can explore Metaverse for more real life experience.


Vision of the Metaverse


The development of Metaverse will not only affect social media, but also the gaming industry, entertainment industry, tourism industry and many industries. This is the vision of many innovative ideas in the businesses.


It will bring social media and services together in one place in the real world with the help of the virtual reality.


It is a concept that encompasses an online world where people can interact and communicate when they are interacting with others without being in the same space.


Many people believe that Metaverse is good for everyone and has many opportunities. Metaverse have the potential to increase the productability. Examples of Metaverse include participating in virtual concerts, online travel, and buying and trying on digital clothing. Basically Metaverse is not limited to the virtual social media world it is beyond that.


The potential of virtual reality is huge, especially from a business perspective.


The big picture of metaverse as “a deeper and more visible Internet,” where “you can do anything you can imagine – be with friends and family, work, study, play and shop.


Future of metaverse and How will Metaverse work:


Metaverse is not a only one product it is a combination of the many products and technologies. Which will take almost a decade to become reality. The first thing come to our mind is how will metaverse will work? The simple answer is that it will works as a combination of the many experience in which you will feel the physical reality inside the virtual reality.


It will provide you amazing experience and feel. It will totally works over the internet and create a simulated environment around you.


Metaverse works as the virtual office, virtual avatars, and virtual shops works today .


Movies like Summer War and Gamer are the metaverse based movies which will help you to understand metaverse.


Metaverse allows people to experience a high-quality social experience in a high-quality 3D environment.




What exactly is the Metaverse?

Many questions came in our mind after the name change of the Facebook. One of them is What exactly it the “Metaverse”. In simple words it is a simulated environment or digital platform which is created by the combination of the many technologies and concepts like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Holography, 3D and super fast communication. You can also define it as the combination of the physical and virtual reality in Real time.


When will Metaverse appear in reality?

According to the Mark Zuckerberg, Meta CEO,  that it could take 5-10 years for Metaverse’s core capabilities to become a major stream. It will take time to become a full fledged technology.

Facebook took its first steps in creating a world of VR by launching Facebook Horizon in 2019.


What is Metaverse in simple words?

In simple words it usually refers to a shared virtual world environment that people can access through the Internet.


Does the technology exist yet?

In the resent years many milestones have been achieved in the field of the virtual world. High-quality virtual reality headsets are an example of this.


Why is Facebook involved?

Facebook is involved in the Metaverse, just because it is a social media company and now Facebook is brading itself as a company which is directly involved in Metaverse technology.


What is the definition of Metaverse?

Metaverse is just a vast digital space where users can interact in real time and get an experience similar to their experience in the real world. However, so far Metaverse is at an early stage. The evolution of metaverse, if it happens, it will become the reality in next decade.


What Is the Facebook Metaverse?

Metaverse is not the property of one person and company, no one owns it completely. Because Facebook has invested in the technology and changed it to Meta, Facebook doesn’t own it either. Facebook is creating its own Oculus VR headset, AR screens or glasses and bracelets. Facebook Metaverse is evolving and moving forward.


Who else is interested in Metaverse?

The idea of metavers is of great interest to investors and companies who want to be a part of this new technology. Other than the CEO of the Meta Formally known as the Facebook, many people and organization are interested in Metaverse. Some of them are the Microsoft CEO, Epic game CEO and graphic company Nvidia is also working on its own Metaverse.


Will Metaverse replace the internet?

You may have heard that Metaverse is going to replaces the Internet. Here I will clear that it will not replace the internet rather it will utilize the internet. It will enhance our experience over the internet. You may call it the upgraded version of the internet.


What can I do in Metaverse?

Although there are many ideas about what metavers can be, many views believe that they are the basis of human social interaction. Virtual chatting is easily accessible with the Metaverse.

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