What is Ambient Mode on YouTube?

What is Ambient Mode on YouTube?

What is Ambient Mode on YouTube

Youtube regularly update new feature to increase the user experience. The lasted update by youtube is Ambient Mode. Youtube is the largest search engine after google and a video streaming social media platform. 

In this article, you will know about what is ambient mode on youtube, how can you enable or disable it, and how to use it on your smartphone or laptop. 

What is Ambient Mode on YouTube?
Ambient Mode on YouTube

What is Ambient Mode on YouTube?

With the help of the ambient mode, youtube provides you with a very good experience while watching videos. It is a lighting effect that makes the ambient environment and reflects the vibrant color. Ambient Mode is supposed to make its dark mode video-watching experience more immersive.

Youtube ambient mode is available for all devices: Android, iOS and for web also. You can enjoy it by enabling it.

How to Enable Ambient Mode on Youtube?

Youtube ambient mode can be only enabled in dark mode. To use the ambient mode you need to enable dark mode first. After enabling dark mode, the ambient mode will be available to you. You can also enable ambient mode for a particular video.

Follow these steps to enable ambient mode on youtube on the web version:

First, go to www.youtube.com and log into your youtube account.

Then click on the profile icon and go to Appearance.

Find dark mode there and enable it from there. 

Steps to enable ambient mode on Android and iOS:

Launch the youtube app first.

Go to the profile icon on the youtube app then go to settings.

Dark Theme and ambient mode
Dark Theme

Click on general then appearance.

Now click on the dark theme.

A dark theme will be applied on youtube.

How to enable or disable ambient mode for a particular video?

enable ambient mode
Ambient mode

You can also enable and disable ambient mode for a particular video. While watching a video on youtube click on the setting icon on the right top corner of the application. And click on the ambient mode button for on and off. Thus you can disable ambient mode from there.

As the ambient mode is given the enhance the user experience but you can choose it according to your need. If you are using an old version of youtube you need to update youtube first.

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