What is Social Media? | How to Use Social Media for Business?

What is Social Media? | How to Use Social Media for Business?

The term social media is made up of the words social and media, social means to connect with the society that people connect with. Media refers to communication over the Internet. Therefore, social media means communication between people in society through the internet.


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The social media journey started with GeoCities, the first social media platform and the Classmate wa the second one. Now, social media is a convenient way to communicate with the world.


What Is Social Media?


Social media is the Internet based technology that helps us communicate with friends, family, and others over the Internet. You can connect with the whole world with the help of the social media. You can make you audience and clients on the social media. Social media can be used for marketing and branding also.


You can communicate with friends, family and clients through text, pictures and videos. You need a computer and smartphone with an active internet connection to communicate with them.


Many social media platforms offer their apps and you can also use them by opening their official website.


More than 4 billion people around the world use social media, and the number is growing. On the other hand, social media platforms are also emerging.


Key Points


  • You can easily share your thoughts, images, videos and audios with the audience.
  • Social media brings people together through the internet.
  • Web 2.0 has made social media accessible to all of us.
  • Most of the social media user are smartphones user.
  • Today, there are over 4 billion active users on social media.
  • Most of the social media platforms can be accessed from the application.
  • Social media totally depends upon the user generated content.


Top  Social Media Platforms:



YouTube (2005)

Twitter (2006)

Whatsapp (2009)

Instagram (2010)

WeChat (2011)

Tiktok (2016)

Telegram (2013)

Snapchat (2011)

Pintrest (2010)

LinkedIn (2003)


Types of social media:


There are different types of social media offering different types of services.


Social Networking: Facebook, Twitter LinkedIn are the most used social media platforms. These types of media connect people online and offer many services on their platforms.


Media sharing: These types of social media are purely dedicated to media-based networking. They offer users to share media on the platform. YouTube, Tiktok and Instagram all fall into this category. These are the most famous social media today.

Content sharing: Content Sharing Social media is also very popular now. Because you can comment and tell about their products and services. It will help other customers and businesses understand the user experience.



Advantages of Social Media:


There are endless benefits of social media right now, from chatting, calling, video calling to friends and family, to business applications and sharing news and more. Social media has changed the way we interact with friends, family and businesses. It has also changed the way we market and advertise.


Social media shortens the distance between people. You can easily interact with the person you want to be interact online. Social platforms allow people to easily connect and share ideas or content.


Every business is now reaching more consumers and generating more sales on social media. Hence, social media helps businesses expand.


You can easily interact with politicians in your country and let them know about your problems.


How to use social media:


Social media can be used for many purposes, like

  • Share text
  • Audio sharing
  • Video sharing
  • Documents sharing
  • Calling video and audio
  • Photo sharing
  • Gaming
  • Forums
  • Reviews


How to use social media for your business:


Social media is a means of bringing more people together. You can connect with people, share business ideas, sell products, find clients and promote your brand.


You can conduct surveys and get feedback from users about your services and products.


Many social media platforms now offer the opportunity to sell products online, as Facebook’s marketplace is an example of selling products on social media.


Social media becomes the advertising center for all companies and businesses. Today, every company is on social media and uses it for profit.


Social media marketing is a popular marketing strategy for growing your business. You can advertise on saoical media based on people’s interests. Social media enables targeted advertising. You can specifically target your audience on social media.


In addition to all of this, you can also recruit people for your business and work with people who are also in the same business.


Social media analytics is the most used tool by businesses. Therefore, their products and services can be made better.

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