Understand The Background Of Nanotechnology | What is Nanotechnology?

Understand The Background Of Nanotechnology | What is Nanotechnology?

You must have heard the name of NanoTechnology at some point. You must have seen or read about nanotechnology in movies, newspapers or any book. Today we will discuss Nanotechnology in detail in this article. What exactly is this NanoTechnology?




The best example of nanotechnology is what you see in the Avengers Endgame movies, where Iron Man wears a nanotechnology-based suit.


Nanotechnology has great potential to change the world in many areas, such as health, education and infrastructure.


What is Nanotechnology?


Nanotechnology is the technology that deals with the nanoscale. It is a branch of science and known as Nanoscience.


It is a very useful technique that is heavily used for analysis and experimentation in other branches of science.


Basically the nano technology is the representation, measurement and manipulation of atom within nanoscale. It also known as nanotech.


Key points of Nanotechnology:


  • A nanometer is equal to the 10-9  meter. That means a nano meter is the one-billionth part of a meter.
  • Nano technology is the science in which we can observe and control the atom.
  • The microscope was invented in the 1980s for viewing objects on the nanoscale.
  • The range of nanotechnology is between the 1 nanometer to 100 nanometer.
  • At the nano scale, atoms of matter act differently and they also exhibit different properties.
  • With visible light, you cannot see nanoparticles or nano molecules. You need to go with an electron microscope, because the wavelength of visible light is from 400 to 750 nanometers.


History of NanoTechnology


The concept of the nano technology come from the term “There is Plenty of Romm at the Bottom”.


The term nano technology was introduced by a Professor Norio Taniguch in 1974.


Modern nanotechnology came about after the ability to see with nanoscale microscopes. A nano scale is 10-9  meter.


The time of nanotechnology is started with the invention of the electron microscope and atomic force microscope.


Scientists have been studying nanotechnology since then until the present day. So they can make nanotechnology beneficial to humanity.  


How to see upto the nanoscale?


There needed a high power microscope to see upto nanoscale.


Advantages of the nano tehnology


Nanotechnology is very useful for us. it has the potential to serve human and the environment. Nanotechnology is sure to change the scientific method and it will bring innovation to health and medical, energy, transportation, aerospace, metallurgy and many other fields. These are the advantages of the nanotechnology:


The healthcare industry is expected to be the first to reap the significant benefits of nanotechnology.

Nanotechnology and nanoscale building blocks aid in skin and bone regeneration, designed to deliver disease-specific drugs to infected tissue rather than the highly sensitive surrounding healthy tissue.


This will help the doctors to detect diseases in order to kill the disease in the initial stages.


Particles on the nano scale show different properties that can be useful for scientific and commercial purposes.This may be completely different from the base material.


Nanotechnology will make elecric and electronic systems more energy efficient and durable.


3D models can be easily created through nanotechnology. it will make 3D printing very easy.



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