What is Fesschain and the future of Fesschain? | Investing in Fesschain

What is Fesschain and the future of Fesschain? | Investing in Fesschain

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You must have heard the name of blockchain at some point. If you don’t already know about blockchain, then we will give a brief introduction to blockchain.


Almost all types of cryptocurrencies are based on blockchain technology. A blockchain is a decentralized ledger that secures all types of transactions within it.


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Although blockchain has revolutionized many areas of the technology, blockchain technology presents many multiple challenges.


The two most widely used blockchains are the Bitcoin Blockcahin and the Ethereum blockchain. The Bitcoin blockchain can process 04 transactions per second, while the Ethereum blockchain can perform 20 transactions per second. While other financial services perform thousands of transactions per second.


Blockchain is more expensive and takes more time to execute transactions. Therefore, the use of blockchain on a larger scale is not appropriate. This is the biggest problem with cryptocurrency blockchains.




FESS (Future of Electronic Settlement) is an Indian startup that is offering a solution to this problem. FESS introduces a provable concept applicable to artificial intelligence.


What is Fesschain?


Facechain is a blockchain-based chain that uses the concept of sidechains for data proof and sharding. This means that feschain processes transaction data in chunks.


It is a decentralized platform that provides business solutions and services. It is spreading the benefits of blockchain technology to real life.


It comes with a common native token “Fess” to leverage the services of the Fesschain ecosystem. One of the fastest transactions ever recorded was on Fesschain.


It provides a highly secure network and reduces latency in data processing. 1 GB of data cost in fesschain is $0.10.


Fesschain solves the speed and scalability problems of blockchain. Fesschain is providing users with an ecosystem to eliminate this problem.


Developers can build products such as DApps and DGames on feschain.


The Future of the Fesschain


Fesschain not only provides transaction services Fesschain also provides facilities such as education, health, supply chain, social and publishing. Fesschain is also developing a barter system to use Fesschain’s various services.


Fesschain is great for e-commerce and other interprices. Supply chain mechanisms and data records are required in many organizations.


Fesschain is also developing unmanned retail marketplaces and payment gateways.


Investing In Fesschain


Fess Chain provides many functions and services. You can easily invest in fesshchain and start building your product on fesshchain. Fess Chain allows many products such as Developer Options, an Exchange, Supply Chain, etc.


You can invest in fesschain startups in two ways, first, by simply taking advantage of the services provided by fesscahin, and second, you can invest in its token “FESS”.




Q1. What is Facechain?

Ans. Facechain is an Indian startup that provides blockchain based solutions.


Q2. Who is the founder of Facechain?

Ans. Durga Prasad Tripathi is the founder and CEO of Facechain.


Q3. Is it safe to invest in Facechain?

Ans.Yes, it is safe to invest in Facechain, but although it is a startup there is always a risk factor involved in this type of startup. You can invest at your own risk.

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