What is Cryptojacking and How does it Works? | Cryptojacking and How to Protect Our System from Cryptojacking?

What is Cryptojacking and How does it Works? | Cryptojacking and How to Protect Our System from Cryptojacking?

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Cryptojacking is a term that pops up in front of us all the time. After the popularity of cryptocurrencies and crpto mining, hacking incidents increased rapidly. The hackers targeted systems involved in cryptocurrency mining, and the wallets contained cryptocurrency.

In this article, we will let you know about Cryptojacking – what is Cryptojacking, how can we protect our systems from Cryptojacking attacks and how do hackers perform Cryptojacking?


Cryptojacking is a type of cybercrime in which criminal hackers use the unauthorized computing power of someone else’s system to generate cryptocurrency.

This means that someone who is basically a hacker can use your computer system’s computing power to generate cryptocurrency for him.

Since generating cryptocurrency requires computing power, hackers use cryptojaking to use your computer for their purposes. This can make your computer and internet very slow and can damage your system.

In cryptojacking, hackers secretly use your computer’s computing power. This is done without the user’s knowledge.

Why Hacker use Cryptojacking?

Hackers hope to make more money by using the power of computing systems to mine cryptocurrencies, and they do so without regard for users. Massive cryptojacking of computers to mine more money.

How to Know you are Victim of the Cryptojacking?

These are the sign by which you can know you are the victim of the Cryptojacking:

Your computer become very slow in performance.

Over heating of the system.

Frequent crashing issue.

Slow internet connection.

More power consumption.

How to prevent our system from the cryptojacking attacks

First of all you need to aware of the cryptojacking attacks and you should know the sign of the cryptokjacking.

Here are the tips by following them you can prevent your system from cryptojacking.

Have a antivirus software in your computer system and scan you system regularly.

Have latest software and security patches of the operating system.

Use adblockers in your system.

Do not clicks on the unknown links.

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