What is cloud computing, How does cloud computing works | Techjankariyan

What is cloud computing, How does cloud computing works | Techjankariyan

What is cloud computing and how cloud computing works.

If you want to know more, learn cloud computing. You may be using cloud computing right now. But you don’t know about the cloud computing, cloud based services and cloud computing how it works? Here I am describing the A to Z of cloud computing. You may have question like- What is cloud? What is cloud computing? How cloud computing works and many more. This is our step-by-step guide for beginners.

What is cloud computing How does cloud computing works

Cloud Computing: What is cloud?

Interested in what is cloud computing ? The term “cloud computing” also refers to cloud-based technology.

Cloud computing is the best way to utilize the IT infrastructure. Users can gather computing resources for any task.

This allows you to “connect” the infrastructure over the Internet and use computing resources without having to install and wait for local resources.

If you are a smartphone users you are surely using a cloud computing. It may be G-mail, google drive etc.

The name cloud computing is often derived from the cloud symbol used to represent the cloud computing.

Cloud computing allows you to “connect” to the  IT infrastructure via the Internet and use computing resources without installing and storing these resources locally .

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing refers to computing resources located in a remote data center managed by cloud services – applications, servers (physical servers and virtual servers), data storage, processing tools, network capabilities, and more. provider (or CSP). CSP makes these resources available for a monthly subscription fee.

cloud computing can help you do the following:

IT Cost Reduction: The cloud allows you to reduce some or all of the costs and effort involved in purchasing, installing, configuring, and managing your local infrastructure.

Improve effort and time: With the help of the cloud, an organization can start using professional applications, purchase and configure support equipment in minutes, without having to wait weeks or months. The cloud computing also helps users, in particular developers and data scientists, to support software and infrastructure.

Scaling is easier and more economical: the cloud provides flexibility – instead of buying excess capacity that isn’t used slowly, you can increase and decrease capacity as traffic increases and decreases. You can manage every thing as you wants. You can scale your business or work with the help of the network of your service provider.

What types of cloud computing model are there? 

Three basic most common models of cloud services. These services fall into three main categories:

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS),
Platform as a service (PaaS),
Software as a service (SaaS).

SaaS (Software-as-a-Service)

The best basic category of cloud computing services. This type of service include cloud base software and application, which can be access or used by the user though their browser or operating system. They can remotely use these services and pay either monthly or annually according to your subscription to the service.

PaaS (platform as a service)

In this type of service you can make platform cost-effective and utilize the infrastructure hardware, software and tools of the service provider. You need not to maintain the platform. You can manage you work remotely and make platform more efficient.

The cloud provider places everything – servers, networks, storage, operating system software, intermediate software, databases – in their data center.

IaaS (infrastructure as a service

In this type of cloud service all the resources that you want to use are provided by the service provider. IaaS allows end users to increase and decrease resources as needed. You can utilize entire infrastructure of cloud service provider.

But IaaS provides users with a minimal level of management of computing resources in the cloud.

What types of cloud computing are there? Types of cloud computing

Public cloud
Private cloud
Hybrid cloud

Public cloud: A universal or cloud service provider is a type of cloud computing that creates computing resources from SaaS applications to individual virtual machines through the public Internet. This service may be free or subscription-based or available. Public cloud services are sold to anyone on the Internet.

The data center infrastructure of a public cloud provider common is to all cloud user.

Many businesses are moving their computing infrastructure to the public cloud, as public cloud services are flexibly regulated to meet the changing demands of the market.

Private cloud: A private cloud is a cloud service in which the cloud infrastructure and computing resources are for and available to a single user or customer. private cloud is the simplest (or only) way to meet user regulatory requirements.

Individual cloud have many advantages of cloud computing, including flexibility, scalability, and ease of maintenance, security, and configuration of local infrastructure resources.

Hybrid cloud: A hybrid cloud is a mix set of public and private cloud services. In this type of cloud service you can utilize the public and private cloud individually or privately. It is very useful to an organization.

The purpose of a hybrid cloud is to create a set of public cloud and private cloud resources at one place.

Multicloud: In this type of cloud service you can use different different cloud services from different different cloud providers.

Cloud security

Security has often been a major milestone for organizations providing cloud services. The security provided by cloud service providers is always ahead of local security solutions.

However, cloud security requires different procedures and skills than the previous IT environment.

The cloud provider is responsible for providing the cloud infrastructure as well as protecting the data in the cloud, and it is important to clearly define data ownership between individuals and open third parties.

Data must be encrypted during storage, transmission and use. Customers need full control of security keys and hardware security module.

Uses of cloud computing

Create cloud-based applications
Testing and development of applications
Save, back up and restore your data
Data analysis
Deliver software on request
Audio and video streaming
Smart intelligent
Internet of Things (IoT)
Big data analysis
Artificial intelligence and machine learning

What are the economic advantages of the cloud?

Cloud computing is a most popular choice for people and businesses for a variety of reasons:

Cloud security: Cloud provide the best practice of the security. Cloud base system are more secure than traditional system. Many IT professionals and specialists maintain the cloud security for you.

Performance: Large cloud computing services operate in a network of new secure data centers around the world, which are constantly updated with the latest generation of new and faster computers. This offers several benefits of corporate data center, including reducing network latency and increasing applications.

Productivity: There is no need to pre-allocate resources to achieve high levels of business activity in the future with the help of cloud computing. Instead, you provide the exact amount of resources you need.

Reliability: Cloud based services are very reliable in today scenario. Because it is easily available over the internet and have many solution for your query.

Elasticity: You can increase or decrease these resources to increase or decrease the capacity immediately as needs change. This shows how well your cloud services are able to add and remove resources at your request.

Cost: Cloud consume low cost and allows you to pay only for IT when the cloud is consumed. Cloud computing eliminates the capital expenditures of purchasing hardware and software, and setting up and operating a local data center and also eliminates 24/7 power, cooling capacity and IT experts who manage infrastructure.

Speed: You can quickly gather resources in cloud as needed.

Scalability: With the help of cloud, you can scale into new geographic areas and reach globally in minutes. Cloud computing involves a dynamic and large-scale industry.

Self-service: The end user can provide computing capabilities such as server time and network storage, which eliminates the traditional need for IT administrators to allocate and manage computing resources.

Cloud Computing How it Works

You learned what is cloud computing, its types and now it is time to know cloud computing and how it works.

Whenever we listen a word “Cloud computing” a question came to out mind how the cloud computing works? Cloud computing is a demanding service that increases the interest of corporations. Many organization are rapidly adopting the cloud services and we are also using the cloud based services in our daily life.

Cloud computing works like, Companies do not need to own their own computing infrastructure or data centers, but can rent anything from cloud service providers, so they can works easily.

We need to know how cloud computing works.

Cloud works on the internet, where you can use any application, software and platform. You can also store data and can process your data remotely without having any infrastructure. You need only some computers and smartphones.

Cloud computing is the availability of computer system resources without direct user control, especially without data storage and computing power. This is the cloud computing working.

Cloud computing example

Google Docs and Microsoft Office: Users can access Google Docs and Microsoft Office 365 via the Internet.

Cloud Security

Cloud security is the biggest challenge of cloud computing. Security is still a major issue for companies considering adopting the cloud.  Universal cloud service providers share their core hardware infrastructure with multiple customers based on the cloud. This environment requires significant separation between resources and other consumers. In addition, storage and computing resources is protected by account login data.


What is cloud computing in simple word?
In simple words, cloud computing is the delivery of fast, flexible resources and scalable services over the Internet, such as storage, databases, networks, software and artificial intelligence.

How does cloud computing works in simple words?
Cloud computing is the  technology by which we share or use IT infrastructure via internet. Cloud computing works on the internet and there are three part of the the cloud computing, Customer, service provider and platform on which we are using cloud.  They make cloud working for us.
How does a computer work in the cloud?

The cloud works to reduce the user’s hardware and software requirements. The user’s computer must have a cloud computing interface controlled by a cloud network. therefore, the user can take advantage of the cloud service on the computer. 

Who is using cloud computing?
Video game developers use the cloud to deliver online games to millions of players around the world. Even you are using cloud or cloud base services without realizing it.

What are the 3 types of cloud services?
Infrastructure as a service (IaaS),
Platform as a service (PaaS),
Software as a service (SaaS).

How safe is the cloud?
Cloud is absolutely safe, it is a safe place where you can use IT infrastructure without any security issue. You can use software, applications and storage in cloud over the internet.

How important is the cloud?
Now a days cloud become very important for small business to use high cost IT infrastructure in reliable cost. Many startups are using cloud based technologies.

Is Google Drive a cloud?
Yes Google Drive is a cloud base storage application, where you can store your data.

What is cloud computing with example?
In simple words, cloud computing is the delivery of fast, flexible resources and scalable services over the Internet, such as storage, databases, networks, software and artificial intelligence.
e.g. Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sites and Microsoft Office are the most popular cloud based applications.

What is the 4 types of clouds computer?
Public cloud
Private cloud
Hybrid cloud

What is cloud computing simple definition?
Cloud computing is using many IT services over the internet without having them in your computer. You only need to connect to the Internet and browser on your computer or smartphone.

What is cloud computing used for?
Cloud computing is used for many IT based services-
Data Backup
As a platform
As a software
For data analysis
For testing a development

What do you mean by cloud computing services?
Any type of managed service delivered via the Internet is called cloud computing service or cloud service. Servers, databases, software, and other services fall into this category.


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