YouTube New Update | Video Sharing Update of YouTube

YouTube New Update | Video Sharing Update of YouTube

 YouTube’s new update on sharing videos



YouTube is a video-sharing social media platform and the second most-used search engine on the internet after Google. It is a very famous product of Google. Here you can share your videos and photos with your audience.


Millions of people are uploading videos, millions are consuming content on YouTube, and they are sharing videos with friends, family, and viewers.


YouTube is also a 2nd most used social media platform world wide.


YouTube video


YouTube videos are widely watched around the world. Anyone can upload videos, comment on videos, like videos, and share videos. More than 2 billion people are using YouTube today.


This update to YouTube videos is all about video sharing.


Share YouTube videos


When you share videos on social media profiles. You need to share the entire video. But after the new update, you can share a friction or part of a YouTube video on social media and the internet.


How to share part of a YouTube video


To share a specific or important part of a YouTube video, you need to follow these steps:


Select or open the video you want to share with friends, family and viewers.


After selecting the video, pause the video at the point you want to share.


Right click anywhere on the video.


A list of actions you can perform will open.


YouTube share options

Select “Copy video URL at current time”


Then click the share button.


A window will open, click the “Start in” checkbox.


YouTube share methods

Finally do the final sharing.


The video you selected has been sent to your audience with the time stamp you have selected.



This was new update about sharing specific parts of YouTube videos. Hope you find this information and figures informative.


Any questions? Or is there something you want to add to this?


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What is YouTube?

YouTube is a free video sharing social media platform with over 2 billion users worldwide.  Here you can upload your videos and share it with with  your audience. 

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