"WhatsApp vs Dark Sky: Clash of Titans in Gizmodo's March Madness Showdown!"

The March Madness bracket challenge highlights the clash between WhatsApp's massive user base and Dark Sky's reputation as a superior weather app.

While WhatsApp's acquisition by Facebook raised concerns about privacy, Dark Sky's acquisition by Apple led to the integration of its features into the tech giant's Weather App, impacting both Android and iOS users.

Gizmodo's March Madness bracket challenge continues, with WhatsApp versus Dark Sky.

WhatsApp, with 2 billion users, was initially focused on user privacy.

Facebook acquired WhatsApp for $19 billion in 2014, leading to concerns about privacy.

Co-founder Jan Koum admitted compromising user privacy post-acquisition.

Despite the acquisition, WhatsApp remains relatively unchanged and ad-free.

Dark Sky, known as the top weather app, was acquired by Apple in 2020.

Dark Sky's integration with Apple's Weather App left Android users disappointed.

Nevertheless, Dark Sky's influence persists in shaping weather forecasts globally.