Intel 13th Gen Raptor Lake Event What is new?

Event timing and Date

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger will going to launch the Intel Innovation 2022. The event will be on September 25, 2022 at 9.00am on Tuesday. The event will be available on Intel's own Innovation 2022 webpage.


In this event Intel is going to launch it very awaited 13 Gen Raptor Lake processor. Which will be  10% faster than the 12th generation Alder Lake processors and that it will be available later this year.


Intel’s 13 Gen Raptor Lake Processor come with the flagship Core i9-13900K, the high-end Intel Core i7-13700K and the mid-range Intel Core i5-13600k.


Adds a lot of extra efficiency (16 efficient cores) to Intel processors to help with multi-threaded workloads.


This particular chip is equipped with a powerful 24-core processor with 32 threads. Use the hybrid architecture used by Alder Lake chips

CPU socket

Intel's 13th generation Raptor Lake processors use the LGA1700 CPU socket used by Alder Lake chips. This also means that Raptor Lake CPUs can carry both Raptor Lake CPUs and CPU coolers.

Clock Speed

To improve single-threaded performance as well as multi-threaded performance, Intel has also pushed the clock speed of its overclocked chips to 6GHz.


We also expect the Raptor Lake CPUs to have more L2 and L3 caches than the 12th Gen Alder Lake CPUs, which generally helps performance, especially in gaming.