Facebook and Instagram in Crisis: Global Outage Sparks Panic and Hacking Fears!

Facebook and Instagram suffered a widespread outage on Tuesday, causing users to face issues like being unable to refresh pages and receiving prompts to change passwords.

Meta, the parent company, acknowledged the problem and assured users that efforts were underway to resolve it. Services were restored by around 10 pm.

A site tracking outages, confirmed the disruption with over 300,000 reports for Facebook and more than 20,000 for Instagram.

WhatsApp Business also encountered problems, with around 200 reports of outages.

Meta's spokesperson, Andy Stone, addressed the situation on social media, acknowledging the access troubles and confirming ongoing efforts to rectify them.

Users speculated about possible hacking or cyber attacks, expressing concerns about the security of their accounts.

Some users responded humorously to the outage, while others anxiously monitored social media platforms for updates.

Eventually, services were restored, providing relief to millions of affected users worldwide.