"Bitcoin Skyrockets to $68,818! Is This the Crypto Boom We've Been Waiting For?"

The surge in bitcoin's value also boosts other popular cryptocurrencies like ether and Solana this week.

Demand for spot bitcoin exchange traded funds (ETFs) contributes to the rally, providing investors with a less risky way to invest in crypto.

Analysts highlight bitcoin's appeal as an uncorrelated asset for portfolio diversification.

Spot bitcoin ETFs allow investors direct exposure to bitcoin without holding it themselves.

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission approved the sale of spot bitcoin ETFs in January, leading to significant cash influx into these funds.

Major institutional investors like BlackRock and Fidelity Investments now offer spot bitcoin ETFs.

Bitcoin's price surge began in late 2023, fueled by factors like anticipation of ETF approval, Fed rate cuts, and the halving event.

Despite the surge, bitcoin remains volatile, according to investing correspondent Laila Maidan.

The resurgence of bitcoin is positive news for crypto investors, particularly after the setbacks in 2022, and serves as an indicator of the industry's health.