"Apple's Secret Weapon Unveiled: The Explosive iPad Lineup for 2024 Revealed!"

Apple broke tradition by skipping iPad launches in 2023, hinting at a packed lineup in 2024.

A recent chipset leak, revealed through a private social media post seen by MacRumors, sheds light on upcoming Apple devices.

 Among 16 listed devices, eight are yet to be released, sparking anticipation for what's to come.

Two devices are slated to feature the aging A14 Bionic chip, raising questions about their performance compared to newer models.

Possibilities include reconfigured versions of current iPads or variants of the rumored HomePod-with-a-display.

1. Two devices are expected to house the A17 Pro chip, likely to power the anticipated iPad mini 7.

Four devices are set to be equipped with the M2 chip, potentially comprising the iPad Air 6 lineup in various sizes and connectivity options.

The M2 chip, introduced in 2022, has been featured in MacBook models and the latest iPad Pro, indicating a powerful performance for the upcoming iPads.

1. While the leak doesn't provide new information about the release timeline, it offers valuable insights into the specifications of the forthcoming devices, confirming their imminent launch.