How to Convert Video to GIF | Techjankariyan

How to Convert Video to GIF | Techjankariyan

How to Convert Video to GIF | Techjankariyan

Whenever you chat with your friends, your friends will send you stunning GIFs between chats and you will be amazed when you see GIFs. You want to make GIFs too, but you don’t know how?

In this article, we will teach you how to convert video to GIF. After reading this article, you can easily create a GIF on your Android phone.

What are GIFs?

GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format. It is basically a file type used to reduce the size of an image or video. It was introduced by CompuServer in 1987.

How to convert video to GIF?

Creating GIFs is very simple and easy. All you need is an app in your smartphone to create GIFs. Follow these step to create a GIF:

  • First download an app: GIPHY
Download GIPHY
  • Launch to app GIPHY.
  • Click on Get Started.
Get Started GIPHY
  • Create an account in GIPHY. And verify you account.
Login to GIPHY
  • Click “Create”.
create GIF on Giphy
  • Select a video or image to convert to GIF. Then click “Upload to GIPHY”.
  • Now edit the video according to your requirement. After editing the video, click the arrow button in the lower right corner.
save the GIF from GIPHY
  • Now click “Save GIF” to save the GIF in your smartphone. You can also share it on social media directly.

So you can easily convert video to GIF. You can send this created GIF to your friends.

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